Date                      Speaker                                                Subject                        
Meetings and Events
Location:       Clarksville Civi Center
(Veteran's Plaza, Pagent Lane)
Unless otherwise Noted

Date/Time:    3d Monday each month, 7:00 pm 

2018 Program Schedule

15 January                Eleanor Williams; Nannie and Serepta -CANCELLED

19 February               Ellen Kanervo; A Brief History of Clarksville Public Art

19 March                   Jim Long:  It happened on Porter's Bluff

16 April                      Reber Kennedy:  Joseph Buckner Killebrew Pioneer Family of Montgomery County

121 May                    Unified Group:  Madison Street Memories

    June                      TO BE ANNOUNCED - FUNDRAISER

16 July                       Frank Lott:  Past & Future of Strawberry Alley & Area

20 August                  Tracy Jackson: Final Days in Vietnam

17 September            Carolyn Ferrell: Clarksville, The Way They Saw It (photographers MacCormac, Dibble &
15 October                Jimmy Settle:  The Leaf Chronicle History

19 November            Bob Parker: The Early History of Montgomery County

    December            TO BE ANNOUNCED - Christmas Program and Dinner 

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