Date                  Speaker                                                Subject                        
Meetings and Events
Location:       Clarksville Civi Center
(Veteran's Plaza, Pagent Lane)
 Unless otherwise Noted

Date/Time:    3d Monday each month, 7:00 pm 

2016 Program Schedule
18 January                 Robert Nichols
                                   "The Virginia Patriot"

15 February               Charlie Foust
                                  " Clarksville Foundry"

21 March                   Tommy Head 
                                  "Pat Head Summit"

18 April                       Brenda Harper
                                   "The Narcissa Letters" - D.M. Wood Collection of Danny Perry

16 May                       Jim Long
                                   "Secrets from the Stewart County Archives"

18  June                     Reverend Von W. Unruh
                                   "Diaries of Reverend Jeremiah W. Cullom of the Ashbury Circuit of the Methodist Church"
                                    Outing at Mt. Carmel Methodist Church

18 July                       Barbara Wilbur
                                  "Memories of Fort Campbell 1941-1942"

15 August                  Randy Rubel
                                  "History of the Montgomery County Fire Department"

19 September           Eleanor Williams, Ellen Kanervo, Minoa Uffleman & Phyllis Smith
                                  "Serepta Jordan Diary"

17 October                Billyfrank Morrison
                                  "High Profile Murders "Back in the Day"

21 November            Kurt Bryant
                                  "Rural Route 7, the longest route in Montgomery County carried by my dad"

12 December           Christmas Dinner
 6:30 - 8:30 PM         Civic Hall

Note: Listed above are the dates, guest speakers  and the subject they will speak about.  While we are reasonably sure the speakers and the subjects are locked in, programs are always subject to change.

        Gail Longton
        Programs Committee Chairman