Date                      Speaker                                                Subject                        
Meetings and Events
Location:       Clarksville Civi Center
(Veteran's Plaza, Pagent Lane)
Unless otherwise Noted

Date/Time:    3d Monday each month, 7:00 pm 

2017 Program Schedule

16 January                 Clarksville in the '30's': Take a fascinating look into Clarksville's past when Chris Crow shows
                                   and discusses images of local sights and events in the late 1930's filmed by his father, Charles
                                   Crow, Clarksville Mayor 1962-1978

20 February               Rural Route 7, the Longest Rural Mail Route in Montgomery County: Charles Bryant was
                                   mail carrier on Rural Route 7 for 17 of his 43 years with the Postal Service. It was the longest
                                   mail route in the county, covering most of what is now District 3, south of Hwy. 12 to the
                                   Cumberland River. Kurt Bryant, his son and Immediate past president of MCHS, will share
                                   stories and pictures of his Dad's years on that route and more.

20 March                    Why and What Museums Collect:  Presenters Jim Zimmer, Executive Director of the Customs
                                   House Museum, and Kali Mason, Curator of Collections will share valuable insights into the how
                                   and why of creating museum collections. The speakers will enhance their presentation with
                                   Power Point slides, handouts for the audience and selected objects they will bring from the

17 April                      Our Kinfolks & Their Civil War Stories:  Society members and cousins Rubye Patch and Reber 
                                   Kennedy will share stories and photographs of the Harris Brothers and other family members
                                   who fought at Ft Donelson and elsewhere in the Civil War. In addition, Randy Rubel, using his
                                   rich knowledge of Civil War history, will answer questions from the audience.

15 May                       Clarksville's Early Hotels and Their Stories:  Local author Carolyn Ferrell's avid interest in local
                                   history is well known. She will share tales and details about Clarksville's historic hotels and the
                                   people associated with them.

10  June                     SUMMER OUTING:  Palmyra's Union School Community Center will host the Montgomery County
Saturday                    Historical Society for a fundraiser Fish Fry to benefit the all-volunteer restoration of the historic
12:30 p.m.                  building. Meal includes choice of sides, drinks & dessert. Program provides information about the
                                   historic school & how area residents have pooled their efforts to continue its life as a vital hub for
                                   community activities. Tickets available at MCHS meeting and the L&N Station Tuesday & Saturday
                                   9:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.  Outing Location:  3549 Tarsus Road; $10 suggested donation.

17 July                       History of Burt High School:  Joe Ann Mallory Burgess will soon see the culmination of years of
                                   dedicated research with the publication of her book, The Odyssey of Burt High School: The
                                   Evolution of Education of a Small High School in a Small Southern Town. She will share some
                                   of the many events, insights and stories of accomplishment she discovered during her research.

21 August                   Ratification of Woman's Suffrage, Tennessee's Special Role:  2020 Vision Committee reminds
                                   us that it was only 97 years ago that Tennessee ratified the 19th Amendment ensuring women's
                                   right to vote in the entire United States. It was a hard fought battle and passed the House by a one 
                                   vote majority. Learn more about this tumultuous era in Tennessee history and plans for the State
                                   to commemorate the 100th anniversary in 2020.

18 September            It Happened at Porter's Bluff:  Jim Long is a well-established source of reliable research,
                                  transcription and indexing of historical records. Now he focuses his attention on the Clarksville
                                  neighborhood of Porter's Bluff to reveal its history and transformations through the years, once
                                  again turning his research into an interesting and information presentation.

16 October                Mt. Zion Baptist Church:  Carr Johnson will present information about his great, great, great
                                  grandfather, Horace Carr, and other ex-slaves who founded Mt. Zion Baptist Church in Port
                                  Royal, Tennessee, in 1867. The church is still in existence today. His presentation includes an
                                  introduction to and readings from Pioneer Colored Christians by Harriet Parks Miller.

20 November            How I found my Father: The incredible story of Rex Cumming's father Robert Roy Cummings' father 
                                 many years after being reported missing in action in the Korean War.              

18 December            Christmas Dinner & Awards

        Brenda Harper
        Programs Committee Chairman