Beach Northington - An Elegant Italianate Revival House at 512 Madison Street constructed in 1886. Riverview - A tri-story cottage overlooking the Cumberland River. Constructed in 1830s by Joseph Chilton. On the National Register of Historic Places.Bowling Hughes - A two story brick home built ca 1880 by Dr. George S. Bowling. Property currently used as a business office.Dunlop-Miller House, 517 Madison Str. A Mediterranean sytle house built circa 1917 by Joseph Dunlop, owner of Dunlop Mills. Designed by the Memphis architect who designed the Governor's mansion in Nashville. Colonel Forbes' Home- An 1850's home at 610 North Second Street of historical & architectural interest.  Windows & gallery are made of ornamental ironwork. Tip-Top- Stands at the highest point in Clarksville. Designed by Adolphus Heiman a noted architect. Located at 15 Trahern Terrace.Glenn-Hudson also known as Glenwood:  Victorian with projecting towers. This house dominates the hill overlooking Glenwood. Built soon after the Civil War by James L. Glenn, co-founder of the Northern Bank.Johnson-Hach- Projecting pavillion with many arched windows & eyebrow-like window heads. Once used as a boys' dormitory.Lurton-Conroy House- Built in late 1800s. Of particular interest is the turret with conical roof. Remained in the Controy family over 35 years.Oak Top- Commonly called "the C.K. Smith" property. Built in 1850s by Thomas W. Wisdom, Deputy Clerk of the Circuit Court in Montgomery Co., practiced law & was County Judge.Oneal-Townley - An Italianate frame house described as elegant in "Pituresque Clarksville" in 1887. Part of Dog Hill Architectural Dist which is included in the National Register of Historic Places.Frech-Buck House-102 Union Str. Owned as early as 1856 by William A. Quarles, a wealthy & respected attorney appointed as Circuit Judge in 1858. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.Smith-Trahern Mansion- Also known as "Queen of the Cumberland." Mansion reflects style between Greek Revival & Italianate popular in 1850s. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.W.A. Quarles Home-Wilson-Howser - This one and one-half story Victorian Gothic frame house was built in the late 1800s by G.B. Wilson. Wilson was an architect and contractor who designed and built many buildings and Victorian homes for prominent citizens in Clarksville. Keesee Residence- Constructed in 1874 and noted in a newspaper on May 16, 1874 as "excellent plastering" in the new home of B.O. Keesee a man who has done more to improve & adorn our city.Cumberland Hall- Also known as Robb Home. Built about 1859 as the residence of the Alfred R. Robb Family, Located at 529 York Street. White Hall, 1947. The house was owned by Dr. Harry Morgan.  The Morgan's lived downstairs. Paul M. Horton family, County Agent for Montgomery Co from 1947-1967,  lived upstairs. Don Horton and his sister are sitting on the front porch.  This is the current home of  Mayor Johnnie Piper
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