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Historic Furnaces
Bridge at Franklin Street over Red River to old Russellville PikeCovered bridge over Red River from Clarksville to New ProvidenceRailroad Bridge over Cumberland RiverRiverside DriveNew Cunningham Bridge- 1987
Bear Springs Furnace- Stewart CountyBear Springs FurnaceGreat Western Furnace- Stewart CountyDover Furnace- Stewart CountyLime Kilns, Erin- Houston CountyWorley Furnace- MoneyWorley Furnace- Dickson CountySaline Furnace- Stewart CountyGreat Western Furnace- Stewart countyCumberland Iron Works- Money
Street Car- 1908Excursion Steamer AvalonGreenwood Avenue TrolleyBlack Hawk Cornsheller (Courtesy of William Bailey Allen)Warner Iron Company - ca 1918-1930